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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Home Tucker

This is the tucker that came with my New Home treadle sewing machine (a recent thrift store purchase). It was one of only two accessories that came with the machine, in addition to the straight stitch foot, which was already attached. At first glance, I decided that this tucker must be broken. As you may have noticed, there doesn't appear to be any way to attach it to the presser bar.

Here's a back view. Upon closer inspection, I decided that, while it did look a little bent out of shape, it didn't actually look broken (no jagged edges, etc.). So, I did a little research.

I found the New Home Attachments manual on ISMACS (thanks!) and was able to confirm that the tucker above is, in fact, not broken. This one doesn't attach to the presser bar. It attaches to the bed of the machine via a thumb screw, which I am missing. It also requires the use of the braiding foot, which I also do not have (for this machine anyway). Unfortunately, that means I can't take it for a spin just yet. I'll have to dig through all my other accessories and see if I can find a compatible thumbscrew--I know I've got a few extras floating around somewhere in my stash.

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